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Just some WIP pics of my pencil/grid drawing of Benedict Cumberbatch. owo I’m really digging how he’s turning out so far and am actually almost done with him. It makes me really happy. I actually drew this by turning my paper and picture upside down and drawing them like that. Worked like a charm. But I also lost like„,half my 6B pencil to that coat. ;_; Its great, but terrible at the same time. </3

The assignment was to re draw a picture that is found online. My teacher likes to do that a lot. But none the less the original photograph is here (or the one I found on google images, anyway). I do not mean any harm by using this photo to complete this assignment and I will take these down if need be. 

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    这个作画方法不错!都量好,这样就不会画错比例了!!!博主画的真心好!太专业了!虽然你十有八九看不懂中文,but your drawing is soooooooooo good!!!!!
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